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It has just been announced that The ‘Burbs will be the next screening for Rue Morgue’s Cinemacabre, it shall play as part their annual Festival of Fear and Joe Dante will also be in attendance as he is this year’s GUEST OF HONOUR!

I really love The ‘Burbs, I love it so much a while back I did a retrospective of it for Den of Geek, any chance to pimp out my writing- I’m ON IT. Click here to read why I love it so much.

The ‘Burbs will be screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox at 9.30 on Thursday 22nd August. Be there!

To check out all the guests so far confirmed for The Festival of Fear check out this link.


Love him or hate him, the latest Michael Cera film Magic Magic will certainly intrigue you. Staying away from his awkward comedy niche, Cera stars in this psychological thriller about a young girl (Juno Temple) who travels to South America with her friend and the strange family she stays with.

The movie is out on DVD & Blu Ray August 6th and I think the trailer looks great! I’m glad to see Cera do something different, if it works it will be refreshing, admittedly however if it doesn’t it could ruin what looks like a creepy, suspenseful film. Juno Temple has been a rising star and really impressed me in Killer Joe which was one of my favourite films last year, so I would really like to see more of her work and see how versatile she can be. 

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!

And I couldn’t help wonder why they’d modelled the new Chucky on Chloe Moretz…(seriously I can’t be the only one who thinks they look just a *little* similar??)

Just a little? C’mon!

…I’ve only just seen this insane video on YouTube. It’s been sitting there on the internet for three years yet I, a lover of all things creepy and weird, have only just been informed about it. If you like to be freaked out then you need to watch this video and believe me, you will not be disappointed. “How could a lip syncing contest be any weirder than the name would suggest?” is probably what you’re thinking, well I don’t want to ruin a thing, feast your eyes on this:

Of course there’s no reason to go into all the MANY FREAKING REASONS this is off the chain creepy, but I do feel it is the shaky, handheld camera that gives it that little edge. Like this chick really is going to EAT YOUR SOUL! How do you even begin to come up with this idea? 

Mind. Blown. Won’t sleep ever again…

Anything similar you want to send my way, go right ahead.

While looking through pictures of Freddy Krueger yesterday for Robert Englund’s birthday, I stumbled upon these bad boys:

How awesome are they?! Apparently they don’t actually exist but I’d love them. It got me interested in what other cool horror themed footwear is out there and this is what I found…

Child’s Play


These shoes will eat your…sole…


The Dark Knight

Friday the 13th

Yeah, any of those would do me fine. 

The latest issue of Rue Morgue is on stands now and it’s as gorgeous as ever. Be sure to pick up a copy as this issue includes my Dreadlines piece on Alexandra Holzer on reviving her father’s Ghost Hunter legacy and my monthly Entrails. And the cover story is all about Maniac, which is currently my favourite horror film of the year!

On stands today is the brand new issue of Rue Morgue and I could not be happier. It is a celebration of British horror and it has two of my first features, so you can understand why this means so much!

First up is my feature on A Fantastic Fear of Everything, one of my favourite films of last year. I talk to the director Crispian Mills about this extraordinarily quirky film and I can assure you, if you haven’t seen it, you MUST.

Next is the feature on one of my favourite British horrors to come out recently, a small independent film that needs attention: Harold’s Going Stiff. I chat to the director Keith Wright about how this small film has done so well at recent film festivals. 

I’ve also got my monthly Entrails and there’s also a damn cool review of Cockney’s vs. Zombies which *spoiler alert* I loved.

That’s pretty awesome stuff, and that’s just the stuff I’VE written. There’s an incredible feature on The Wicker Man and Sightseers, just to name a couple. Not only is it jam PACKED with awesome, it also boasts their best cover in a long time. Don’t miss out!

Click on the picture below to read my HorrorTalk review of Lake Placid: The Final Crapter… I mean… Chapter….

The new issue of Rue Morgue is out and has excellent coverage of the new Evil Dead film. I wrote about the intriguing story of how Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, came to find the famous lost ending of The Shining. I also talk about the return of Toronto-based lecture series The Black Museum, not to mention my  monthly Entrails to boot.

Pick up a copy today!

Holy intense home invasion movie Batman! Finally we have the trailer for the much anticipated You’re Next by director Adam Wingard. Looks god damn chilling.