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Last week I saw Ti West’s brand new film The Sacrament at TIFF 13. Here is my review for HorrorTalk.

Probably the only movie I’ve seen this year that has really made me smile and get excited about film again…in terms of what a film can provoke within us. 

Frances Ha is a charming coming of age tale about a 27 year-old dance student living in New York, trying to find her place in the world. What makes this common story stand out is its immeasurable charm and wit. It is really bloody funny, and sweet and completely believable. On top of this is great cinematography (every frame is stunning) which reminded me of Woody Allen’s Manhattan, and not just in the way it looks, also the way the characters interact is very reminiscent of Allen’s work.  All of this coupled with a soundtrack that will make you wanna dance in the aisle, David Bowie and Hot Chocolate are just a couple of the stand out tracks. 

What Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig have created in Frances Ha is a relatable, loveable character. Try and see it if you can! 

At this year’s Festival of Fear there will be a screening of Phantasm II with director Don Coscarelli in attendance! Saturday August 24th, 9.30 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox- Be there!

I got my first name check on a poster today! The excellent film Antisocial which I reviewed for HorrorTalk. Click here to read my review.

Antisocial will screen at this year’s Frightfest at their Discovery Screen and I was lucky enough to catch it for HorrorTalk. Click on the picture below to see what I thought!


Click on the picture below to read my HorrorTalk review of Lake Placid: The Final Crapter… I mean… Chapter….


Watch this while you can, no doubt it will get taken down very, very soon. This is test footage from Edgar Wright’s Ant Man. Just imagine the fight scenes, what he did with Scott Pilgrim still blows me away he is exactly what is needed for a comic book movie!


If I made a fake ’80s movie, there is no doubt it would have the best soundtrack…here’s a taster of how it’d go down (of course this only works if you listen along to the music, play along!):

Miami Horror Holidays Starts the film, giving us the fun atmosphere of a California setting where we met the unloved underdog who longs for the girl of his dreams…

Twin Shadow 5 Seconds for the inevitable motorcycle chase of the underdog and the local bully through a desert…

Tennis Marathon Where we see, through a series of random events, the underdog and dream girl spend a day together in the summer sun where she realises he is not just the geek boy she always thought he was.

Kindness That’s Alright is the fierce track for the big dance off between the underdog and the bully midway through the movie, underdog reveals his mad skillz thus winning the girl of his dreams.

Blood Orange Bad Girls is the final dance at the prom where the underdog and girl of his dreams totally smooch up. 

Yesayer O.N.E Perfect for the closing credits, all is resolved and everyone is happy. 

You would pay money to see that, right?

A while back a dude called Travis Hopkins did a video for Buck 65's song Superstars Don't Love that featured all the lyrics as fake movies. I saw it again recently and remembered how awesome it was and that, were these real films, I would go see them. Here are a few of the best.

Sadly it’s not the whole song, it didn’t get to my favourite lyric where he name checks Crispin Glover’s Everything Is Fine

Watch it all here, it is genius: